we pull deals from some of the major blockchains ...

What Will You Get?

  • Identify Unique GameFi opportunities Before anyone else, In Your Inbox Every Monday
  • Learn the 4 Patterns That Kill All Your Deals
  • Introductions & Negotiations With Founding Teams For Maximum $$
  • GameFi Ghosts Pre Vetted Deals Handled To Protect Your Dollars
  • Access to GameFi Ghosts Channels With Josh
Everyday Price

Why I Created It ...

I created GameFi Ghosts because I Never Wanted To Miss Out On A Deal Again ...

I created GameFi Ghosts because I always wanted to get in on the next big thing, but it was hard to find good deals that were still early enough for me to make a profit and also beat out the Top Investment Companies For The Most Lucrative Deals And Clear Winners. Luckily As A Professional Online Marketer Who Engineers Deal Flow For Private Equity Companies Already, I knew exactly how to solve it.

There is no shortage of investment opportunities out there right now, and you have probably already heard about most of them. But what if you could invest in the best companies before they hit it big? 

GameFi Ghosts (The Guild) is access. We connects investors with pre-money startups looking for funding in GameFi NFTs and Blockchain. The Guild offers access to exclusive deals for top-tier venture capital firms and angel investors who value trust and discretion and like lightning fast turnovers. Investing has never been easier or more profitable than with Your Guild Membership!

Led by the world’s top 1% investors, educators, and innovation leaders ...

Sourcing, executing, and monitoring deals with other members of the investment and operations teams ...

  • Access to the world's most innovative minds
  • Exceptionally talented peers
  • Globally powerful and connected network
  • ​Accelerated Opportunity
  • ​Exclusive events and unique access
  • ​Success to significance

Don't get bogged down in day-to-day details and instead focus on your exits ...

The Guild is an ecosystem of peers, alumni, investors, and industry partners.

Advice and mentoring at every stage of your investments.

Free frameworks tools and services to get you started.

24/7 access to our future community.

What We Are Not ...

We Are Not A Venture Capital Firm

We Are Not Holding Your Hand On Every Deal

We Are Not Capable Of Predicting The Market

This is Not A Scam, Pyramid Scheme or Multi Level Marketing Effort.

You Get Access To The Hottest Deals Because We Engineer The Marketing.

Polarized Into Any One Niche, Offer, Or Category

Who This Is For ... ?

Primarily Angel Investors and New Professionals in Private Equity or Venture Capital.

General partners and junior partners of private equity and venture capital firms.

Principals from the limited partner community who traditionally invest in private equity and venture capital firms.

Chief investment officers, investment principals, and investment managers or directors.

Asset managers responsible for a firm's investment portfolio.

Entrepreneurs in the process of receiving and/or structuring capital funds.

May also be appropriate for: Professionals who provide banking, accounting, legal, or other advisory services to the investment industry.

This is mainly for the angel investors community, family offices and and others new to the private equity and venture capital industry.

Limited Partners (individuals who provide venture capital firms with capital) generally only want to invest in the top two or five proven venture capital firms yet only 1-2% of them actually get in on major players in the industry such as Sequoia, a16z or Blockchain Capital.

We Reversed The Problem of Fierce Competition ...

Instead We leverage That To Get You Lightning Fast Exits, As These Big VCs Move in ...

You are no longer always the second choice to founders when it comes to accepting capital.

Each of these investment firms has great reputations, great deal flow, and most importantly, incredible realized returns based on actual exits over marked-up predictions, so what we offer is extremely rare and one of a kind.

And honestly we benefit from our methods as well, but of course we are limited by how much capital we can commit per project, and there are so many deals available that we decided to open this up to the community, to see if we can help you too.

As An Independent Investor Looking To Scale Your Portfolio, You Will Never Come Across A Deal This Hot Again.

Your Capital Goes So Far At This Stage Of Company That You Can Easily Go In Again And Again On The Best Teams.

Traditional Problems You Benefit From As A Guild Member The Rest of The Investment is Facing ...

- Overvaluation
- FOMO Forces Rushed Due Diligence From Weeks to Days
- Lack of Visibility on Their Portfolio Performance
- Everyone Lives in a Data Silo Whether You Like It Or Not, You Have Access To A Specific Set Of Data And Don’t Have Access to The Other Data Outside Your Silo, However Big or Exclusive That May Pool Of Data Be
- Funding Delays
- Pirate Founders often are un-investible as Government Regulations are Often Overlooked
- Hard To Double Down Due To The Stage They Invest At
- Geography and Marketing Constraints
- Forced Management Can Be Challenging For Founding Teams Who Are Free Birds By Nature
- Market Size Issues
- Exit Mechanisms - IPOs or Buyouts (Early is King For You)
- Their LPs are not giving the VCs cash to sit on it and collect 2%, per year. They have a limited window to invest those funds so they have enough time to realize a return with a prosperous exit

Here's What You Can Look Forward Too As Part Of This Exclusive Community ...

Lightning Buyouts and Exits
Geo-Filtered and Aligned With Your Prospectus and Investment Strategy
Micro Deals and Investments You Can Double Down On Later

Make Better Decisions
Structure And Negotiate Better Deals
Extend Your Network And Build Relationships

A Simple Approach And Easily Understood Framework ...

Scale The Entrepreneur
Scale The Market
Scale The Deliverable
Scale The Business

Important Disclaimer ...

DISCLAIMER: The information above are based on personal results. Please understand our results are not typical, We're not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). We have the benefit of 12+ Years Experience, and have an established following as a result. The average person who follows any “how to” information and takes n action on deals gets little to no results. We're using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, this is not for you.

The FAQ ...

Won't Work For Me Specifically?
We Customize Deal Flow Based On Feedback From You And The Community.
Scared of Scammers? 
 … We Vet Deals For You … And Even Offer Exclusive Insurance Deals To Upper Members Of the GameFi Ghosts Community
Not worth it?
 … The Right Deal Always Is ... And It Only Takes 1
Big VCs Will Swoop In Anyway?
 … - Count On It, There Is Your Lightning 30-60 Exit My Friend
You've Made Bad Investments Before?
... Don't Worry We Literally Wrote The Text Books (For 200 Universities) On Blockchain
Won't Be Able To Keep Up With It?
... You Never Have To Overextend ... And New Deal Flow Happens Once Every Monday In A Single You Can Place On Hold Anytime You Need To ... And You Are Never Expected To Invest In Any Of The Projects ... And We Highly Recommend You Don't Make Any Moves You Aren't 100% Excited About
Too Confusing?
We Make It Dead Simple and You Will Have 24/7 Access To Support And The Community Whenever You Need It, And We Guarantee 24hr Response Times
Won't Have Time To Capitalize?
... This Offer Frees You Up And Gives You Back Your Leverage As An Investor Because You No Longer Have To Scour The Internet For These Deals, Reading Whitepapers and GitHub Branches Is Not Something Anyone Should Be Doing Right Now ... We Have The Top Blockchain Experts In The World ... We Certify Students In Blockchain In 200 Prestigious Universities Around ... Including The Top 100 Most Prestigious Universities In China ... Trust Me This Is The Most Lucrative Deal You May Ever Get In On As An Angel Investor In The Space
Won't Enjoy It?
Then You Can Cancel Anytime ... No Questions Asked ... We Don' Do Refunds As You Can't Un-See These Exclusive Deals
You Are Bad At Investing?
Then This Is Your Perfect Solution ... Every Deal In The Weekly Newsletter Comes Highly Vetted By Our Entire Team Of Legal, Blockchain, Gaming and Marketing Professionals ... If We Don' Support It 100%, We Definitely Won't Be Sending It Out ... We Also Offer Our Members An Exclusive Bonus Where We Will Make The Introductions With The Founders For You .. Even Help You Negotiate Your Deals On Your Behalf ... And Ultimately We Even Offer Insurance Options ... Where You Can Guarantee Your Investments Through An Insurance Plan
You Don't Enjoy Taking Risks?
Neither Do We ... In fact I may be the Most Risk Adverse Person On The Planet ... And Thats Why We Offer Insurance Options ... Just Like Apple Care On Your Phone ... You Break The Screen ... We'll Instantly Ship You A New One No Questions Asked.

Is It Too Late To Invest In GameFi? Did You Miss The Boat?
Bitcoin and NFTs Are At All time Highs...

But there are 1000's of Projects Just Starting to MOVE NOW.

our portfolio companies have been seen on ...

I've Been Mastering Deal Flow For 12+ Years and Involved In Selling Digital Game Assets Since 2005.

"I remember when I had no car, no credit, not even enough money in my bank account to pay my $500 office rent. I decided I wanted a better life so I could support a family. I decided to take massive action and learn how to sell online. I understood I had to make a major commitment if I was going to succeed... if I wanted a better future. 

7 Years later it's the end of 2021. Instead of retiring a second time... I decided I wanted to crush deal flow once and for all, and take blockchain to the next level using everything I have learned. Today's adventure ... is GameFi."

- Josh James

Here's Exactly How GG Will Change Your Life

Investments like Facebook are not about Luck or Skills... 
it's about DEAL FLOW

When I Give You The Keys To The Ferrari...


After 12+ years of Deal Flow, I have found out exactly what works and what does not. Investors lose because of Timing. When you get in pre-money your win rate dramatically increases and everything rolls.


What most people don't realize is that deal flow is mostly about volume and access to every deal. I've seen so many VCs win because they get huge access to volume and win it all. I will take you to the blue ocean!


Consistency is king..Pick one thing and stick too until you see tremendous success at it. Having a full list of new deals in your inbox every Monday is literally unlocking "God Mode" and helps you navigate to the best opportunities.

You Reap The Rewards!!

The Worst Reaction is NO ACTION

How Much Longer Will You..

  • Continue feeling like you can't get in on deals and have no hope?
  • Stay Stuck in your current situation you KNOW you hate?
  • ​​​​Not Have the Time to Scale Your Portfolio on Your Terms?​​
  • ​Wake up everyday saddened by nothing to look forward to?​​
  • ​Continue to Live With Daily FOMO "Everyone Else"​
  • ​Continue Failing as an Investor and Never Find Consistency

Are You Finally Ready to Take Action?

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

GameFi Ghosts,The Guild

Introducing... "GG"

Are you stuck getting deals the traditional way?

Are you glued to your inbox waiting for the best deals to come to you?

Are you doing outreach and competing with the Top VCs for the Best Deals?

Are you ready for another way?

What if we found all the deals for you before the Top VCs even knew they were raising money?

What if we could get you in on the ground floor on the newest and hottest categories?

Do you want pre-vetted deals in your inbox every week?

Welcome To GameFi Ghosts. The Pre-Money Deals You're Looking For. Vetted, Legal, and In Your Inbox Every Monday.

  • Superstar Deal Flow
  • Exponential Anti- Inflow
  • Unique Bulletproof Method
  • ​Can’t be Beat Value Proposition
  • ​Trusted By The Highest ROI Investors
  • ​Vetted By Industry Experts
Get Onboard With GG Now!
Don't Wait- Space is Limited to 100 Spots- And The Alpha Layer Will Close FOREVER January 31st, 2022.
This is a message for every GameFi NFT enthusiast, if you have an audience that you already leverage to make money, and you already sell affiliate products, this is for you. Time to start making affiliate money off your existing crypto content, and stop just being a sidelines investor promoting for free.

There is another challenge to get the right deals, you need to vet them on your own or with a small group of others and then you compete to invest in the best projects with people like us and you try to negotiate the best deals with founders who hold all the cards on you. And you can't find a way to level up because you don't know how flip the situation where you hold all the cards and make all the safe money. Not the other way around.
But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you...
...There I was, a student with no credit
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
There I was, a student with no credit, no car, no clients, struggling to come up with $500 for office rent..

This forced me to do everything from nothing. Which was a blessing in disguise.. Here's why...
What does this have to do with"GameFi Ghosts"

We call it “GameFi Ghosts”. 

...and it's an evolution of the mastermind.

With GameFi Ghosts we created a new framework. We call it the Guild.

See if we could direct the marketing and get in early, that would not only guarantee the Founders future success, but it would turn our dollars into red hot magma.

What is the purpose of the Guild..

I decided together we can lift the entire blockchain category into the stratosphere.

I believe the Guild is the most powerful move any single one of us who are support the world of GameFi, NFT and blockchain, can make, is to collectively assemble as peers. And to do that we have to rewrite what a mastermind really is. And we aren't just stopping there.

When the other 98 people within the circle are your peers and not just fellow students, and instead of teachers we offer facilitators. And the facilitator is like your deal flow butler, they navigate your partnerships, they work on deals that help grow your audiences, they make sure your money gets in the right project at the right time and you get in at ground 0.

That changes the value completely, suddenly your personal channel now has 99 friends with mutual directed efforts aligned with the most powerful marketing in the world. This can 99x your leverage, not to mention this is the very first major GameFi and NFT affiliate marketing distribution system that will exist on the planet, if you promote an offer, you are going to get commissions on that and those dollars won't ever have a cap to them. 

So I'm porting a working affiliate model into GameFi and NFTs and the money we will make together.. and the value we will create through mutual leverage.. honestly, is just not ok to let you sit there and read this any more.. scroll down hit go and let's roll.

Bottom line: In the end fresh new God Tier GameFi and NFT project deal flow will be pumping through your channels all day long, we get you access to them before the investor crowd, I even advise many of the founders on how to legally shape their projects, how to dial in their offers to hit real tangible value, and teach them how to raise money properly without getting skinned by the valley thugs, and once funded I further can help advise and direct their marketing to hit grand slam home runs, I do this for my clients every day and I know what already works, and this will collectively scale all our efforts to grow blockchain as a whole, and work together towards taking the lead in becoming the biggest industry and once and for all, dethroning the tech category together.

Building on that success, we decided to now and only now create the alpha affiliate tier, and better yet form a collective, a Guild of compound growth, that stomps the crypto affiliate opportunity for us for life, I guarantee and promise that no one will ever get as many deals as we will get through this collective circle, the market will eventually saturate and ideally by that time we're achieved more growth and more leverage and more clout, and can give the bigger well known folks like a16z a run for their money.. at least in the minds of new GameFi and NFT project founders. Who when trying to launch will think of us first, because if we take hold and harness the affiliate offers as something we all make proper efforts on then our selling power will unmatched. The Guild means we never compete for the good deals ever, when I can make you, me and our friends the greatest prize of all over time, there is no turning back.

Taking GG into the Omniverse

With GameFi Ghosts and the very first Guild of superstars, with an exclusive alignment with affiliate and pre-seed projects. And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

So, here's what I've got for you today..
If you're a GameFi NFT Tycoon with an interest in the best Deal Flow the world can offer, and you don't want to compete for the best deals with the top VCs in the world.

If you like having proper legal vetting procedures done on your behalf at no cost to you, implemented before you even see the projects, so you don't have to waste your time trying to analyze and chat with anonymous gamertags that half the time are just trying to lift 2 eth from your wallet, and have nothing going on but an erc and half a website.

If you personally are vetting projects, trying to negotiate with founders on your own and competing to invest in the best projects with big VC organizations, and are stuck trying to negotiate with the right founders like sort of micro gambler.

Wouldn't you prefer we do the leg work so you always hold all the cards, and make all the safe money, if that's attractive to you, my friend, here's the solution you've been looking for...

GameFi Ghosts,The Guild

Introducing... "GG"

"GG" Helps You:

• Get in on the best projects before the investment crowd...

• Vet the right projects so you only get offered deals that fit your audience and have missions you can get behind...

• Get access to the latest and exclusive drops for you and your audience...

• Negotiate the best affiliate deals by handling all the back and forth...

• Make mega money off each deal for life…

... and much, MUCH more!

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "GG" in under an hour of effort, under a week of negotiation, and all for under 100k.
A Guild Membership for Under 100k you say..
Seriously if you are vetting your own projects, and using your own attorneys to dial in the good opportunities from the bad.. You are wasting about 100k per deal on average..

The opportunity cost of not joining early on while we're in alpha is around 10 million in deal flow per each month, and honestly most projects are starting prefer Guild money more than anyone else's because they know I am in there actually giving a damn about them and giving and giving to get them to the finish line, and that'll ricochet in mutual trust in your personal brand, that you are in this space to help people too and your lifetime value of each potential deal will go through the roof.

So again, if you're a GameFi NFT Tycoon who wants to make at least a million a month more than they are right now, understand this:

• This is limited to 100 spots and thats it, thats the alpha group forever...

• We have hot deals flowing in fast right now, my funnels are insane, and I have deals that are launching new collections on the fly...

• Not only that you are missing out on the best affiliate deals of a lifetime, imagine monetizing all your content and web assets and tailoring them to promote your favourite most supported projects, if you send someone anywhere from your site right now with anything to do with NFTs, those are lost dollars...

Get Onboard With GG Now!
Here's exactly what I've got for you.

You're going to get

Max MATIC: This exclusive deal flow network through the polygon blockchain is the shortcut for you to lock and load with founders who can barely afford the gas fees and haven't hit the investment crowd yet, and this is how you can not only get proven legally vetted deals, stop the guesswork, but myself and my lawyers will handle navigating our backed projects as well, and my marketing and consulting contributions will guarantee they not only succeed, but they actually create real value...

AVAX Content Collective: This new network holds the keys for you to connect with high growth high profile companies in the AVAX network to get more mutual connected deals ... collectively push blockchains to the next level by taking on the tech industry as a team and become a part of the direct community with access to all the deals before theVCs, all the pre-money projects pre-seed founding teams and all the up and coming projects that you can imagine, you get in today, you will become ground level for opportunities once and for all.

Marketing Style Design: This completely new category of marketing is meant for scaling category leaders to utter domination with little or no work on their backend, it makes it easy for you to connect with me directly which helps you pitch me deals, have me negotiate your deals on your behalf, consult with me instantly on any marketing or blockchain initiative, have me or my company do your outreach or partnerships for you, and ultimately win extremely hard on every marketing angle and most importantly you get access to my brain, my team, our clients, our networks, our deals, our partnerships, you can even push courseware to our network of 200+ Prestigious Universities worldwide that we created courseware for, and if you get our stamp of approval and give everyone a fair cut, you can impress your friends and family too by educating the next line of university students too.

I've also got some cool bonuses for you too!

BONUS #1: GameFi Ghosts Newsletter Contributor
This newsletter for the GameFi niche makes it a snap to collaborate instantly with us on an initiative so you can scale your personal audience and brand and have achieve positive value on your content, and its available for link drops anytime, and it's a long run asset for you that you yourself don' have to manage everyday to see a payoff, I am personally the only other person in the world besides you that cares how much much wealth you accumulate, I honestly want you to win with every angle I can.

BONUS #2: Rocket Now
This is access to hire my company Rocket Now to automate you out of your entire workflow which will help you live a new life where you essentially get to free up all your time and retire today, we make sure your growth rate is matched with the income you are already making right now and we're the only company that will tell you never to sell your businesses (your cash machine as we like to call them). You can hire us to get you into retirement and chill and cruise the world and do whatever you want again while still scaling on autopilot and all you have to do, is check your dashboards on your ipad. We scale you, so you can scale to 100 more offers, rather than just 1.

BONUS #3: Private 1 hour Marketing Consultation
This is a full 1 on 1 with me, a marketing, gaming, and blockchain god, who will take you to the next level, this 1 hour will break you through your plateau, remember we are all on a plateau (no matter your trajectory) you and I are both on plateau'd based on what we know and what we don't know, let's find out what button we can push to make you more from what you already know really well, let's gracefully skip you over the wrong stuff and get you on your way to the greener evergreen meadow we all seek.

The total value of everything in this offer is over $5,269,000.
But today, I'm giving you a very special price..
Because you're here, and we invited you!! Plus I know you're serious about about getting in on the best Deal Flow on the planet, and getting in on the best offers at a scale that no one in the industry has ever seen, and I can prove how good a fit you are for the circle, because you are one of the people who read this far! And that is not going to go unrewarded, let's get you in...
For Only $97,000.00
Yes... for about the price of a single attorney to negotiate and vet your next investment, I can get you in on the Deal Flow Diamond channel that took me 12+ years and over $1.5 billion of new client revenue in performance based sales to understand and be able to execute on this.

YES JOSH! Give Me Instant Access To The GameFi Ghosts Guild And Bonuses RIGHT NOW For Just $97,000 !
Crush Your VC Competition To Dust And Get In On The Best Projects With The Best Founders In One Click - Guaranteed!
In fact...
The TRUTH about How Every GameFi Tycoon Can Build Their Deal Flow and Make Their Money like Magma
They use it to dominate their category and Everything you can dream of, like:
  • Maximize profits 
  • Hiring experts
  • ​Vet investments 
  • ​Professional guidance​
  • ​Impactful opportunities
  • ​Advisory Boards
  • ​Cutting-edge research
  • ​​ Provide protection
  • Scale their outbound
  • ​Scale their inbound
  • Test for new offers
  • Get in on deals early
  • Navigate complexity
  • ​Collaborate and link drop
Casestudy Of Someone Else Using Your Framework...
"Use The 'Killer Headline' Script..."
Tell about the casestudy here...
When You Get Your Membership to the"GameFi Ghosts" Guild (For Just $17,997 Per Month)
You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - GameFi Ghosts Newsletter Contributor
 In 30 Mins Magnetically Attract More Founders And Grow Your Audience Every 7 Days
Total Value: $25,000
This newsletter for the GameFi niche makes it a snap to collaborate instantly with us on an initiative so you can grow your own name and have founders start chasing you for involvement and not the other way around.
Get This For FREE When You Order 'GG' Today! 
Bonus #2 - Become a Rocket Now Client
At Last! GameFi: Category Kingdom! ... Fast!
Total Value: $100,000
This is access to hire my company Rocket Now to automate you out of your entire workflow so you can focus on your portfolio and scale your involvement. We can and will help you retire today at 80% at your current income and you will never have to sell your business when A.I. exists.
Get This For FREE When You Order 'GG' Today! 
Bonus #3 - Private 1 hour Marketing Consultation
Top GameFi Expert Reveals In Under 1hr How To Intensify Your Inflow With The 3Q's And Break Through Your Plateau Instantly
Total Value: $1,000,000
This is a full 1 on 1 with me, a marketing, gaming and blockchain machine, who will take you to the next level, enable god-mode, blast through any plateau and turn your money into red hot magma for every founder. 
Get This For FREE When You Order 'GG' Today! 
Bonus #4 - Unlimited Affiliate Deal Flow
"Use The 'Killer Headline' Script..."
Total Value: $Priceless
~explain this offer~
Get This For FREE When You Order 'GG' Today! 
There Is NO CATCH!
We win by getting you in. You are a key and important potential partner to us. We want you in today. Now get going bust out that black amex and lets go...
Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
So again, if you're a GameFi NFT Tycoon who wants unlimited access to the best deal flow on the planet. If you want the cheat code for God-Mode Deal Flow then this is your chance...

• This is limited to 100 spots and thats it, thats the alpha group forever...

• We have hot deals flowing in fast right now, our funnels are insane, and we have deals that are launching new collections minutes from now...

• You are missing out on mega moves, and mega magic with NFTs and GameFi on the rise, the game has never been sweeter my friend...

Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
If "GG" doesn't help you get in on the best projects before the investment crowd... then we'll refund your money, No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with your Exclusive Guild Membership!

You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Lock In your Spot With GG
You Could Get The Script That Has Made Me More Money Than Anything Else I've Ever Done In This Business.
  Instant Access To The GameFi Ghosts Guild  (Value $1,000,000)
  Full Access To The Max MATIC Membership (Value $147,000)
  Instant Access To The AVAX Content Collective (Value $497,000)
  Marketing Style Design   (Value $2,500,000)
  Become a GameFi Ghosts Newsletter Contributor  (Value $25,000)
  Become a Rocket Now Client  (Value $100,000)
  Private 1 hour Marketing Consultation  (Value $1,000,000)
Total Value: $5,269,000
Today Just $17,997/mo
This is just the start of an amazing adventure together, I look forward to seeing you, on the inside.
Thanks again,
Josh James
PS - If you're sick and tired of getting sniped by big VC's on every major deal, then GG is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today and flip the switch!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
YES JOSH! Give Me Instant Access To The'GameFi Ghosts Guild' RIGHT NOW For Just $17,997 Per Month !
 Step #1: Contact Information
 Step #2: Billing Address
 Step #3: Checkout
Everything Your Going To Get
  • Instant Access To The GameFi Ghosts Guild (Value $1,000,000)
  • Full Access To The Max MATIC Membership (Value $147,000)
  • ​Instant Access To The AVAX Content Collective (Value $497,000)
  • ​Marketing Style Design (Value $2,500,000)
  • ​Become a GameFi Ghosts Newsletter Contributor (Value $25,000)
  • ​Become a Rocket Now Client (Value $100,000)
  • ​Private 1 hour Marketing Consultation (Value $1,000,000)
Total Value: $5,269,000
Today Just $17,997/mo

ONE TIME OFFER - Only $47,997/month: Get Josh on my board of directors to personally advise my company on the best market opportunities available and negotiate the best terms possible. (This offer is not available at any time or place)

Items Total
Dynamically Updated $XX.00
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